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Sarawak Cultural Performances are staged for the benefit of tourists visiting the Sarawak Cultural Village. In addition to showcasing the different peoples of Sarawak, the Sarawak Cultural Village also put on display the various dances performed by the different ethnic groups of the state. Many of these dances do tell stories associated with the daily life in Sarawak. The following is a repertoire of dances, a selection of which may be performed at the theatre of the Sarawak Cultural Village:

Iban - Ngajat Lesong

Ngajat Lesong is performed by an Iban warrior who demonstrates the extraordinary strength of his teeth by lifting a mortar that weigh around 20 kg. This dance shows the warrior's agility as well as endurance.

Iban - Ngajat Pahlawan

This dance is performed by the village folk to welcome the return of their warriors especially after a victorious battle.

Bidayuh - Rajang Be'uh

This dance is usually performed for guest to the longhouse after the completion of harvest. The dancers imitate the movement of eagles by moving outstretched hands, as though in flight. 

Bidayuh - Tolak Bala

This dance is performed prior to harvest, as a way to seek blessing for good harvest and protection to the community against evil spirits.

Bidayuh - Langgi Julang

This dance is performed by Bidayuh men on a julang, or brass tray, accompanied by Bidayuh maidens, when a new village chief is selected.

Orang Ulu - Datun Julud

This is a welcome dance performed by the Orang Ulu maidens to welcome guests to their longhouse.

Orang Ulu - Kanjet Ngeleput

This is a warrior dance. It portrays the numble but stealthy gait of the warrior as he conducts a hunting trip in the jungle. He sees his target, takes aim and shoots a dart that seldom misses the mark.

Melanau - Tarian Menyak

This dance showcases the community work of the Melanau as they process sago, for making sago pearls.

Melanau - Alu-Alu

This dance is performed during funeral rites as a way to comfort the relatives and friends of the departed.

Malay - Senandong Sarawak

This dance combines two popular Malay dances - the Dayang Sari followed by the ever-popular joget.

Malay - Tarian Royong

This is a modern dance depicting the playfulness of the Malay youth after a hard day's work.

Malay - Serampang Baru

This dance portrays the joyous atmosphere in a village during a celebration. It is when the young males come out to court the young maidens.

Chinese - Lion Dance

The lion dance is performed to signify the strength, courage and power of the lion, and is particularly popular during major celebrations such as Chinese New Year. 

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